Sumter Cabinet Company of Sumter, SC, makes some of the finest bedroom and dining room pieces in the industry.
This page gives you a closer look at the 111-year-old company.

Sumter Cabinet Company, a division of Korn Industries, Inc., founded in 1889, is committed to bringing the consumer beautiful furniture of the highest quality -- furniture that will last for generations. Using solid wood as our starting point, we combine time-honored manufacturing methods with unparalleled finishing skills to produce high quality furniture that will be handed down to future generations. At Sumter, we're building your customer's grandchildren's furniture.


Sumter_chests.jpg (59431 bytes) Sumter_chest_open.jpg (65805 bytes)
At left, matching Sumter chests.  At right, one of them is shown with drawers opened to show the detail that is consistent in all Sumter furniture.
       Sumter_bed.jpg (68843 bytes) Sumter_93.jpg (12953 bytes)

Typical Sumter beds
(Pictures taken at Allan's)

Below is detail of the accompanying nightstands to show the quality.

floating_top_2_400.jpg (3549 bytes) cab_back_2_400.jpg (9193 bytes) cab_back_1_400.jpg (5178 bytes)
Solid top
(floating - note snug but variable attachment by brackets in a groove)
All wood sides, molding, foot, and partitions.
All wood back, where fiberboard is normally used.
Solid top.
All-wood laminated back.
cab_door_1_400.jpg (4832 bytes)   dr_opening_2_400.jpg (5250 bytes)
All wood, all solid pieces in paneled door.   All solid wood face-frame, moldings, sides, and partition supports.  All wood ply partitions

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