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Big Spring High School Class of 1953  
50th Anniversary Biography 

  Please take some time to give your classmates a brief summary of your current whereabouts, your life for the past fifty years, and any insights you would like to share. Even if you canít attend the 50th Reunion in the fall of 2003, we would like to know about you. We will use your response to prepare a book of these biographies for all those attending the reunion and others who request a copy.

First Name Maiden Name Last Name
Street Address or other PO Address
City State Zip Code
Area                        Phone         Email
Working            Retired 

Present or past occupation (optional)
[In box below]    Spouse name and something about him/her:

[In box below]    Names of children and something about each of them:

Number of grandchildren  Number of great-grandchildren 

[In box below]    
Highlights of my life since 1953 
(Give us the key, interesting information about yourself. Consider telling us about any special training or further education after BSHS, the jobs you have held, noteworthy accomplishments, where you have lived, your hobbies or cultural activities, volunteer activities, or other interests.)


[In box below]    Summing up:
(Give us any thoughts you would like share on some of your experiences,  special insights, or observations of the age we have lived through.)



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