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Courtesy Double Ought "00" Ranch, Gonzales TX
1998 Reunion

Class of 1953 Reunion, October 1998

Each picture on this page is a THUMBNAIL.  Click on any  picture to see it about nine times larger.

Pictures made at the 1998 Reunion of the Class of 1953

This image of the Big Spring Class Ring was drawn by Gloria Byrd McDonald for the cover of the "Memory book" for the 1993 reunion.
Group_3.jpg (32021 bytes) The Big Spring Graduates of 1953
Top: Janice Rosson Bond, Luke Thomspson, Gloria Byrd McDonald, Ellen Morton Feggett, Don Anderson, Frankin Hinckley.
Bottom: Donald Mack Richardson, Ted Scott, Alvin Moore
Group_2.jpg (28812 bytes) Spouses of the graduates above:
Ginger Hinckley, Myrna Richardson, Bessie Scott, Jueldeen Thompson McCormick '52, Marilyn Constant Moore, Lane Bond, and lower row, Ira McCormick,  Robert Merworth '52, Oscar Feggett, and Bobby McDonald.
Merworth.jpg (29904 bytes) Robert Merworth, Ted and Bessie Scott
Scott.jpg (23827 bytes) Ted and Bessie Scott
Luke.jpg (26216 bytes) Luke Thompson
Richardson.jpg (29000 bytes) Donald Mack Richardson and his wife Myrna
Anderson.jpg (24467 bytes) Don Anderson
Hinckley.jpg (28760 bytes) Franklin and Ginger Hinckley
Hester.jpg (24429 bytes) Roy Hester and his wife,
Joy Williams Hester '52
McDonald.jpg (24913 bytes) Bobby McDonald and his wife,
Gloria Byrd McDonald, who drew the ring pictured above.
Group_1.jpg (21314 bytes) Crowd scene, with Ted Scott, and Bobby and Gloria McDonald in front.
Fegett.jpg (31254 bytes) Ellen Morton Feggett, and her husband Oscar
Bonds.jpg (37744 bytes) Janice Rosson Bond, with her husband Lane Bond
Nix.jpg (33895 bytes) Jody Nix and his band
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