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Math Teacher Glenn Thomson Guthrie and his wife Sarah

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In Memory of Glenn Thomson Guthrie

[Mrs. Buck (Betty Guthrie) Lee, daughter of Glenn and Sarah Guthrie, furnished the biographical material in this tribute. It is adapted from a web page found at: which was posted at the presentation of a scholarship in his honor at the Senior Awards Assembly at the high school on May 20, 1999. - Lane Bond, Editor]

Glenn Thomson Guthrie [BSHS Class of 1927] was a walking definition of the term "teacher". Unfortunately, he passed from us on Friday, March 23, 2001. His wife Sarah still lives at the Carriage Inn, an assisted care home in Big Spring, Texas. Glenn and Sarah spent several of his last years in this home, near where he was born and spent almost all of his life.

Glenn Guthrie was born Aug 3, 1909, on a farm three miles north of Coahoma, Texas (which is ten miles East of Big Spring), the youngest of three brothers. He was given the middle name of Thomson, which was his Mother's maiden name. He lived on this farm while he attended Coahoma Elementary School, and while he commuted to Big Spring (before Coahoma had a high school), where he graduated from Big Spring High School in the Class of 1927. This farm is still owned by the Guthrie family, and Glenn was making repairs on it as late as his 87th year.

He moved to Austin to go to the University of Texas, where he received his bachelor's degree in 1932, and later, his master's degree in 1948. During his first stay in Austin, he met Sarah Malloy of Tyler, Texas, whom he married on May 24, 1936.

The Guthrie's have one child, who graduated from Big Spring High School in the Class of 1958. She is Betty (Guthrie) Lee, who still lives in Big Spring, and who was very helpful in giving me this background on the lives of her parents.

Mr. Guthrie began his teaching at Coahoma High School in 1934. George Boswell, the district's superintendent, who continued later to be helpful in Mr. Guthrie's career, hired him. 

In 1946, Glenn went to San Angelo Junior College to teach mechanical drawing for two years. He returned to Coahoma in 1948 to care for his ailing father, but after a few months moved to Big Spring to begin teaching math at the high school there. This was 1949, and several members of the Class of 1952 took math from him.

Mr. Guthrie retired in the spring of 1971, after thirty-six years of teaching, twenty-two of which were at Big Spring. He was inducted into the Big Spring High School Hall of Fame in 1978, along with Agnes Curry, Erma Wooten Steward, Lillian Shick Dawson, and Rita Debenport Weeg, all of whom also deserve high honor for their service to students.

Our hats are off in honor of this teacher, who so influenced the lives of several of us.