Roll Call of the Class Members

BSHS 1952 Class List
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Bobbie Adams  
Wanda Jean Woods
Mary Anne Attaway  
Sally Baber Beam      
Kenneth Bryant      
Barbara Chapman   

Address Unknown

Eugene Carpenter  

Please furnish any information that you have about the following:

Warren Lee Cooper   Don Allman  Ray Arnold  Doris Jean Brown 
Grady Dorsey   Charles Carnes  Beulah Cook  Jerry Christesson 
Charles (Speck) Franklin   James Daniell  Annette Green  Bobbie Hammond 
Diana Farquhar   Jim Jenkins Sue Lawdermilk  Patsy McMillan 
Jackie Gilbert   Lela Patterson Richard Prahm  Gayle Price 
Charles (C.L.) Girdner     Linnie Faye Reese  Jereen Tanner  Johnnie Weaver 
Jeff Hanna   Joy Parrish Cousin
Harold Haynie  
Charley Howle  
Peggy Jenkins Long   Dot Crittenden can be reached through Alma Crittenden Shafer.
Jimmie Kelley  
Frances King Lee  
Guy Knowles  
Gene Lockhart  
Jimmy Lowke  
Margaret Ann Nichols  
Joe Parker  
Mildred Rainey  
Gene Reynolds  
Elvira Sarmiento Franco  
Gerald Scott  
Billy Mac Sheppard  
Bob Simpson  
Jack Sparks  
Mary Stevens  
Jimmy Sundy  
Reed West  
Mary Ann White Graves  
Evelyn Wilson  
Patsy Charlene Wilson