About to parade to downtown Big Spring.
Thanks to Roy and Joy (Williams) Hester for providing the truck, trailer, signs chairs and enthusiasm.

Our rolling yacht at closer range.

Joy has been off picking a bouquet of balloons.

We are ready.  What is holding up the deal?

One of many cars in the parade worth photographing. 
Trouble is, we were on the trailer with our cameras, and didn't get to photograph them.

Nila (Bailey) Allen snaps us while we snap her. Janice has found her too.

The 1955 bunch is having their 50th. 
The 50th  is always the biggest attendance any class ever has.

Crossing Fourth Street on Scurry, looking North.

Gay Nell (Lane) Harper (54) is in the red top with her camera.

Just South of Fourth, with the First United Methodist Church at left.

We are up to 8th Street.

That is our trailer at left, and the two classes have time for a short visit.
This is the Fourteenth and Main Church of Christ, the beginning and ending point of our parade.

The Steers are wearing black and gold again, after several years of mostly black and white.

Lousy photography, but I left it in to give you the ideas that we attended the game.

Several pictures below were taken at Howard College Fireplace Room after the game.  The Class of 1955 made up most of the crowd.

Barbara (Bowen) Holland (55) and

Louise (Burchett) Wright and Marilou (Staggs) Snyder (both '55)

Jim Allen ('55) and Lou (Burchett) Wright,  ('55)

and Claudia (O'Donnell) Brown  ('55)

Maxine (Stocks) Davis and husband Dick Davis

Betty (Earley) Birdwell, with

and Lila (Turner) Chafey ('55)

Raymond Gilstrap ('53), Jimmy Harper ('52),               xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Coach Wayne Bonner, Gay Nell (Lane) Harper ('54), and Charles "Speck" Franklin ('52).

Patsy (Reaves) Anderson ('55), Joy (Williams) Hester ('52),
Patsy (Maddux) Shannon ('52) with her husband Ray Shannon, and Lane Bond ('52)

xxx     , Anita (Gardner) Daniels ('57), Barbara (Bowen) Holland ('55), and Lila (Turner) Chafey ('55)

Wilbur Pope, husband of Doris Jean (Newton) Pope ('52), Jimmy Harper ('52) and Garner Thixton ('52)


Roy Hester ('52), Ray Shannon (see above), and Lawrence Allen (husband of Nila Bailey Allen)

The Pink Lady is Shirley (Riddle) Warren ('52), with Ronnie Sanders ('52)

The Pink Lady with her husband Charles Warren ('51), and Ronnie Sanders

Robert Merworth, Helen (Clinton) Larson and Nila (Bailey) Allen, all of '52

Patsy (Maddux) Shannon, Joy (Williams) Hester and Francys (Rice) Cauble, all of '52

Doris Jean (Newton) Pope ('52)

Janice (Boardman) Rosson Bond ('53) and Gay Nell (Lane) Harper ('54)

Kay Preston, wife of Carl Preston ('52) and Annelle (Puckett ) Campbell ('52)

Lois Ray (Craft) Shannon ('52) and Kay Preston 

Vera  xxxxxxxxxx   (guest of Ron Sanders, '52) and Donna Pettitt, wife of Leon Pettitt ('52)

From ('52), Del Hartin, Carl Preston, and Leon Pettitt
examining the famous picture of our entire class visiting Cosden Refinery in 1952.

These guys are so good looking I thought I would give you another angle.

Chow time on Saturday

Sally (Baber) Beam ('52)

Ronnie Sanders ('52) with friend Vera, and the Pettitts checking out the scene.

Don't bother us for a few minutes.
We are busy eating.

Lane Bond ('52) and wife Janice (see above if you don't know her.)
Janice is secretary of the BSHS Exes Association.

Carl and Kay Preston

Getting ready for the closing Bye-Bye

The group picture, and afterthought, didn't include everyone. 

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