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Agenda for Reunion 2012 September 21-22
Class of 1952. 1953, and 1954 combined 


3 pm      Pep Rally in Steer Gym

4 pm      line up for parade (to begin at 4:30)   Our float is to be the last in the lineup, which will be the first float on 12th Street, entering from Goliad.  Individual parking must be outside of the barriers, meaning not on 11th or 12th between Goliad and Donley streets.

5:30 pm (or just after the parade,
          Dinner at Spanish Inn.  The sooner you get there after the parade the easier it will be for our classmate Ida and her staff to get us served.  We have the two back rooms reserved, and we expect 40 to 50 people for dinner, so to finish leaving before the game, we need to start early.

7:15  Coming Home Queen event.

7:30  Beat Andrews!

After game reception in the Fireside Room of Howard College Student Union Building immediately west of the stadium parking lot.


8 am      Start setting up in Dora Roberts Community Center ballroom for the days events, which will last until our evening dinner meeting is finished.

10 - 11 am       Washington Elementary, one of the four identical new elementary school buildings, open to the public from 10 until 11 am.

11 - 12 am     New science labs at the high school open house

12 noon     Lunch catered in the ballroom.  Ballroom is open and available for us to use as headquarters all day.

3 and 3:30 pm  Tour of Settles reserved for our groups.  Be there a few minutes before either time.

6 pm       The main event:  dinner in the ballroom with music by Satin Strings Orchestra, and reminiscences by all of us led by Bud Whitney '52 as MC.

Program below: